2017 Initiative – November 6 – 8, 2017

What is “The Initiative“?

So we get asked regularly, “What is the Initiative?”  In a nutshell, this conference is a preaching conference for preachers by preachers.  Over the course of two and a half days, you will find space for meaningful connection in the world of preaching.  You will hear presentations, panels and be put in contact with men and women who love preaching.  The last few years have been a huge success.  This year will prove to be our best yet!  So please, make plans to join us, peruse the website or call for questions.  Let us know how we can help!  And make plans to join us in November!

*New to the Initiative!

-focused preaching panel discussions
-more time to connect with other preachers
-more corny preacher jokes and gifts (including door prizes you will NOT want to miss!)

Main Features

You could narrow the features of the conference to three words, connection, craft, and care.  (Don’t you like how they all start with a “c”…. very preacher-like, don’t you agree?)

Connection:  preachers long to connect with other preachers.  One of the goals of this conference is to connect preachers with other preachers.  And here is the “catch”; at the Initiative there are no celebrity preachers.  It simply does not matter how many books you have written or conferences you have been asked to present.  This is a space where the field is level because we are all after the same thing:  a space to connect with others who “get what we do”.   And plus, it’s two days of sharing ideas, sermon series, and leaning on one another’s strengths.

Craft:  Unlike a lot of other conferences, we strive to focus on the craft of preaching. For those of us who have organized this time, we LOVE preaching. We love to talk about sermon flow, weekly preparation, the task of leading while preaching, the tensions of leading as preaching, we talk about preaching. So if you’re looking for a conference on how to start small groups or top 10 ways to make your church a hipster church… this conference is not for you. But if you love the craft of preaching- this is for you. Besides, our commitment is to expose you to some wonderful scholarship that you might not get anywhere else.

Care: Bottom line: we want to create a space where you are honored and cared for for what you do. The details of the conference have “care” in mind. We feed you well and treat you well. Even more, we believe strongly in caring for your soul. We will have spiritual director’s on hand, sage preaching voices to listen, and caring professionals who want to help. If you’re feeling weary, burned out, or just in a season of ministry depression- you need to come. If you are feeling excited and on top of your game- we need you to come. And here is our pledge: we will do whatever we can to get you here. So, if you need financial help with flights, travel, accommodations please let us know.

How much does it cost? *

The Initiative is a simple one-time cost of $95.00. (You can register by clicking the registration button in the upper right corner.) Your cost will include all conference materials and the following:

  • Monday – coffee and dessert reception
  • Tuesday – continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Wednesday – continental breakfast and lunch

*Housing accommodations are not included. Limited complementary housing is available by the generosity of the Highland Oaks church family.

For a list of hotels, please click here.